We're Logicbrush Studios

We're a web technologies consulting firm located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Lansdale, to be precise. We work with small to mid-sized businesses in the metro region and around the United States. We help normal folks, who do normal things, make sense out of the Internet and use it effectively to promote and enhance their businesses.

We build websites and web-based applications

We enjoy deciphering complex business workflows, and designing fresh, friendly, functional user interfaces to support them. Of course, we do mobile. We also offer web & email hosting services to complete the package.

We do search engine optimization, yes...

But SEO is more than just cramming a bunch of keywords onto your pages. We'll help you understand your customers, speak so they can hear you, and measure the effectiveness of that communication.

Sound good?

Give us a call at (215) 290-0636 or email at . Looking forward to speaking with you!