Virtu Stat, Ltd.

Virtu Stat, Ltd. is a statistical consulting company that specializes in analyzing clinical trial data in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to analyzing the data, they had a need to gather the clinical trial data for a number of upcoming trials.  They had in a place a rigid, hard to modify data entry system that did not allow for the quick creation of a new study. Virtu Stat needed a more scalable solution that would allow them to meet their clients’ needs and subsequently grow their business.

After spending some time with Virtu Stat, our developers were able to quickly create a Java based application that processed a new study’s metadata and generated all of the web application files that were needed for the study. The application saved Virtu Stat approximately two weeks of development effort in creating each new study, resulting in a significantly higher margin on their data entry jobs.  Virtu Stat was so pleased with the results that we were brought back on a number of occasions to enhance and extend their data entry generator application so that it now gathers the application metadata directly in a VB.Net application, it automatically creates the study database and all database objects including tables, functions, stored procedures, and triggers and it also generates the web pages with a number of different layouts and styles to further reduce the amount of initial development time for a study.