Gruner Pottery

Paul Gruner, a professional potter, owns and operates Gruner Pottery.  He is based in Maryland and he frequently hosts pottery shows and attends local markets to display and sell his pottery. Paul had an existing website that was built upon a system primarily designed for the hosting and sale of photographic works.  He found that this provided insufficient functionality to meet the needs of a professional potter.

Paul approached LogicBrush to refresh the design of his website and reimplement it to provide the features that he needed most:  a shopping cart geared to one-of-a-kind works, a weblog through which he could interact with his customers, a photo gallery to display his past and present works, and a calendar to list the upcoming shows and events in which Gruner Pottery would be participating.  After discussing a number of options with Paul, LogicBrush was asked to create Gruner Pottery's website using the WordPress publishing platform.  The WordPress platform offers site owners the ability to easily add and modify content, coupled with the ability for developers to craft the structure and appearance of the site through the addition of custom-designed “themes”.  Custom components such as shopping carts and calendars may also be easily integrated into a WordPress based solution.  The site we created now allows Paul to concentrate on his pottery and quickly and easily stay in touch with his customers.